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Digital marketing Tools 2020
Digital Marketing Tools for 2019

If you are a digital marketing enthusiast, that it is a real passion for you, then you are probably also a fan of the technological innovations that surround it. The world of e-mail marketing itself is continually evolving. Indeed, we are discovering more and more ways to produce intelligent, precise, and targeted campaigns, thanks to advanced marketing automation some digital marketing tools is important for digital marketing now.

We have shown a list of ten great tools that will help you move forward and move your strategy to the next level. You’ll find the most indispensable tools, as well as more advanced tools that will help you develop a winning marketing strategy in 2020.

The ten essential tools in digital marketing that any marketer must use in 2020 to reinforce his marketing strategy:


This Australian start-up has simplified the process of
designing banners, infographics, cover photos for social networks, and almost
any other optical content you may need.

Their goal is not to replace your graphic designer or
to give additional tasks to the marketing manager of your company, but rather
to make the work more comfortable and more productive through simple designs
that you can use daily. Canva’s user-friendly interface lets you choose from
hundreds of free templates and add your content or create your design from
scratch using their tools.


We assume your brand communicates via multiple channels
on social media. Active Trail, for example, can be found on Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram, and LinkedIn. To make the use of all these platforms more efficient
and to create a unified content strategy for each of them, you need a social
media management system.

Hootsuite lets you schedule publications months in
advance, create a fully automatic marketing process, and analyse the results of
your organic business with detailed reports. Plus, (and here’s the part we
prefer), you can manage your brand engagement directly from the interface. For
example, your team can respond quickly to messages, comments, and mentions with
a single dashboard. Questions that come back? You can save pre-approved answers
to answer even faster.

Active Trial

ActiveTrail Smart Code – We have often mentioned this
code in our articles. However, we would still like to stress the fact that we
can set up e-mail campaigns for an entirely different level.

The Smart Code is a smart tracking pixel that connects
the e-mailing activity to customer behaviour on your website (product pages,
pricing pages, support, etc.).

You can also embed the code on your landing page and
track the behaviour of your registered users (subscribers). In this way, you
can learn more about them, automatically collect data, and produce automated
campaigns based on the actions of your subscribers.


Instagram marketing is not new, and this social platform has become in recent years, one of the main channels of digital marketing. Instagram builds brand awareness, offers you another way to build long-term relationships with your customers or audience, and allows you to create a visual customer journey.

It’s a great way to reach new audiences continually.
Ever like is a simple (and free) browser extension that will like hashtag
content on your behalf. The goal is to expand your subscriber community, all on
a tight budget.

Google Trends

Real-time marketing is a well-known tactic to make your
brand or product stand out by adapting its messages to its audience. The trick
is simple: something important happens; everyone talks about it. We must
participate in the conversation and also talk about the subject.

Google Trends allows you to track the most talked about
topics on the Internet at one point and find ways to use the news to ride this

Landing Page Templates – You started the year with a
thoughtful strategy, and now is the time to enrich your mailing list. Why not
try using new landing pages with new content and improved design? No technical
knowledge required!

A drag and drop landing page editor can provide you
with dozens of pre-designed templates. All you have to do is choose the right
model for your product, integrate your content, and adjust the fonts, colours,
and images according to your graphic charter. ActiveTrail’s preconceived
landing page includes responsiveness, domain selection, forms, PayPal
integration (required) and a wide variety of other options.


SEMrush – Once you’ve built an effective content
strategy, it’s time to integrate it into SEO work to maximise your potential
for visibility into the world’s most popular search engine.

SEMrush is an all-in-one platform to quickly and
efficiently develop an SEO strategy. The interface provides you with free tools
as well as paid options like organic keyword search, site auditing, domain
verification, reports, and more. The platform also offers The Academy – an
excellent learning tool that provides guides, courses, and articles to guide
you from the essential elements of SEO to the most advanced.


Hotjar – Optimizing visitor behaviour is a separate
discipline in the digital marketing field. After working hard on your strategy
and generating more and more traffic to your website, how can you improve
visitor activity? How do you ensure that the content, structure, and user
experience of your site are perfect for your visitors?

Hotjar allows you to quickly examine visitor behaviour
through access to qualitative assessments and analysis. We are talking here
about heatmaps of your site, the recording of the action of your users and your
funnels of conversion. This information allows you to understand your visitors
better, their requirements, their needs, measure their behaviour, and act
accordingly. The join is easy to use, even for those new to digital marketing.

Similar Web

Similar Web – This is the perfect way to analyse
different companies in B2B domains. With this system, you can see which
platforms companies are using, explore industry trends, learn about technology
products, and find potential customers.

To go even further, you can access information on the
amount that each company invests in different technologies and also collect
contacts or leads. The various filters provide a convenient way to conduct real
research on competitors and customers in the B2B world.


Zapier – The last of the list but not least. If you
have not used this fantastic tool yet to integrate a wide range of cloud
services and applications, do not wait for a second longer.

Zapier integrations look like a universal plug that
lets you combine different systems to make your work much more efficient. Just
imagine the ability to connect your CRM to your marketing automation solution
to create smart advanced campaigns.

Marketing tools are diverse and are used
according to digital marketing techniques.

Social networking tools

Social networking applications are the most used on the
web, mainly because of the evolution of smartphones. A French person with an
internet connection would spend about 5 hours a day on average. Community
managers and network management tools, therefore, become essential for

Hootsuite Software:

Hootsuite is the flagship application for social
networking. First, it is available on all operating system platforms (Windows,
Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Windows Mobile, etc.).

Besides, the app allows managing several publications
on social networks simultaneously. It also allows you to schedule
advertisements well in advance, and even to search groups or communities
created by other administrators.

This last option is not trivial. This allows us analysing,
as much as possible, the feedback of your marketing activities on several
connected objects.

The Buffer app:

Although it is less recommended than its Hootsuite
rival, the Buffer software is nevertheless a serious alternative. And for a
good reason, it takes a lot of useful and convenient features. Indeed, this app
can also manage publications on social networks. Besides, it offers a complete
attractive design and excellent stability.

graph software made in France:

Over graph is a promising software created by the firm
909c based in Montreuil in the Paris region. This young application is already
well established in the sphere of community management. It offers visualisation
of data, essential for monitoring.

The Buzz Sumo app:

Buzz Sumo is an indispensable accessory for community
management. It retrieves the content web page, and then publish on social
networks, or just displaying links pages.

Tweet Deck for tweeter users:

This rather fundamental tool makes it possible to plan
the publications and to manage several accounts on tweeter. Unlike traditional
community management apps, the app offers new options. Most of its features are
not found on other software.

tools of e-mailing:

The term e-mailing is well known in the field of direct
marketing. It is a technique of commercial communication that consists of
sending e-mails to Internet users. In addition to attracting many Internet
users, this process combines the advantage of low cost and simplicity. Here are
the tools of a successful e-mailing campaign:

The Sarbacane software:

There is a multitude of e-mailing software. Making the
right choice becomes difficult. However, in this tide of applications, the
software Sarbacane pulls out of the game by offering one of the best offers in
the field.

This is a solution that offers many features that can
be used with ease. These advanced options make it easy to perform an e-mailing

the French solution:

Digital is an e-mailing software designed and launched
in France by ambitious entrepreneurs. Their goals were simple: to provide a
tool to track the target and to retain it.

With its many features, Digitale is a practical and
straightforward accessory used by many companies around the world.


The Sendinblue e-mailing tool is probably the most
versatile and accessible solution to the market. Indeed, by its very aggressive
rates and its simplicity, this software adapts to all the exchanges and all the

In addition to its high value, the Sendinblue solution
is available in several languages, including French, English German or Spanish.

Get response:

This bilingual software offers an extensive range of
advanced options. Moreover, its use and interface are remarkably simple.

These numerous solutions each have their advantages and
disadvantages. However, it is essential to point out that the main benefit of
e-mailing lies in the low cost. Indeed, no need to spend more than 100 euros
per month, for a shipment of more than 5000 e-mails.

tools for SEO

SEO is a necessary technique for the survival of websites. It guarantees the visibility of a company on Google and other search engines. The leading SEO techniques are:

  • SEO still called natural SEO.
  • The SEA or paid to reference.
  • The SMO designates all the techniques and
    solutions used to increase the visibility of social networks on the web.

SEO success is necessarily based on the perfect mastery
of these techniques. However, when a company wants to measure and improve the
SEO level of its website, many tools are available.

The Google Search Console:

Best SEO audit tools. This solution has the
particularity to offer a plethora of accessories for positioning help on the


Dareboost produces a comprehensive report on the
quality and performance of websites. The significant advantage of this
accessory is its unparalleled simplicity.


This tool has the particularity of being entirely in
French. Therefore, it is ideally suited for sites designed in the language of
Molière. Besides, his analysis of SEO performance is fast and accurate.

Google trends:

Google trends are the instrument for measuring patterns
and modes on search engines. It can, therefore, be used to adjust or guide the
management of websites.

Digital marketing tools is an asset within the reach of all companies. However, to take full advantage, it is essential to have strategy excellence.

Whatever the size of your company and its specialties, there is little chance that you do not know that the Internet is at the moment a fantastic opportunity to shape a sharp brand image and to conquer new markets. If digital marketing imposes its power on traditional marketing, it is linked to the proliferation of connected

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