Digital Marketing Trends 2020

In Digital Marketing Trends 2020, we will see some new trends. As we know that digital marketing is different from traditional marketing. Today digital marketing become a top priority for business owners.  You may be wonderfully unaware of marketing trends but your customers are not unaware of these trends. 

In just a few decades digital marketing became a more integral part for the business.  The influence of the digital marketing trends 2020 has grown as time changed. As such, new digital marketing trends, techniques and tools are introduced now and again.

Digital marketers are facing new challenges every year. The interface between business and costumers is developing as new devices, apps and social media platforms become available.

Here is a list of some digital trends;

Social Commerce 

Social commerce is one of the hottest trends in social media today, and it looks to a great impression in 2020. social media marketing is Digital Marketing Trends 2020 for all type of business.

 Digital Marketing Trends 2020

Social commerce is selling products directly with the use of any social media platform. This is different from social media marketing. In social media marketing, you need to run referrals passage to social media to a website. It is an easy way for people to purchase anything they want.  

Why the rise of social commerce is predictable?

Social commerce brings a new era today. Social commerce was introduced by yahoo in 2005.

Business inside the intelligence guesses the current size of the social commerce market and its growth. As social commerce brings momentum, some platform is looking for the way to increase their E-Commerce abilities. 

Does Social commerce actually work?

Here is some social media site that owns the social commerce space FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM & PINTEREST.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the biggest opportunity for the industries now and in the coming years.  The bright future of this technology allures every industrialist. In fact, when we are thinking about technologies that are going to rule in future, there is only one name that Artificial Intelligence.

It is shown that artificial intelligence is vital in future digital products, especially in the digital marketing field. Now time is the robotic world of is also in Digital Marketing Trends 2020.

How Artificial Intelligence develop Digital marketing?

“Artificial Intelligence can transform into digital marketing into new height”

Artificial intelligence is going to change the future of digital marketing. Machine and computers are working as a human and now artificial intelligence can achieve that task independently.  In fact, at the end of this year, 40% of digital revolution services will use Artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence can write own blog post. It will help to save your time and resource.

Here are some ways of AI that might be changing digital marketing for better.

  • Better User Experience
  • Predictive customer Behaviour
  • Real-Time Customer Support


Personalization has changed the marketing from bottom-up, getting better the customer experience and building business more profitable. 

Personalization marketing is known as one to one marketing, is the practice of data delivered to the consumers. Personalization marketing is most focus form targeted marketing and it is very different from traditional marketing.

How is personalization changing the face of marketing? 

In today’s age, consumers are at the centre of everything.  Now a company need to keep all in mind, you have to take a holistic approach to assess the plan and optimize by digital transforming their market functions.   

In order for personalization marketing to be successful, a company needs to get physical information of costumers.  Digital media is one of the best media for personalisation marketing. 

There are four major steps to create personalization marketing, Identify, Differentiate, Interacts and Customize. 

“Personalisation in marketing is just going to get more personal.” 

The big advantage of personalisation marketing is that it allows a company to target current costumers. 

Personalization is now first priority for marketers. 

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that runs your brand’s message to a large market. Influencer marketing is not new. It’s been continued for many years. Now it becomes very hot today because a brand can advertise his new things to the world within seconds. in past big brand focus at big celebrities. but it influencer marketing is most digital marketing trends in 2020.

Why is influencer marketing is so popular? 

Influencers have a powerful influence on their followers is that their views are appreciated. Businesses are making a strong return from influencer marketing.

Here are some highlights that can help you best use of influencer to run your business strategies

  • Attract better Costumers through Influencer Marketing.
  • Influencer marketing delivered Strong ROI.
  •  Influencer marketing tied for most Cost-Effective Channel.

The goal is to broadcast into new communities and connect the product to new audiences through the voice. The smart brand uses influence marketing to make conversation with the consumer at a different time and different way. The easy way to work with an influencer is to pay them money. 

Influencer marketing is going to be affected by artificial intelligence.

Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is the fastest way to move buyers through your marketing. It builds relationships and creates an authentic experience with customers and buyers. The future of marketing means incorporating AI into your customer strategy to provide more engaging, consistent experiences. so is also digital marketing trends 2020.

Conversational marketing is divided into three simple phases;

  • Engage 
  • Understand 
  • Recommend

Conversational marketing is not limited. There are many examples of Conversational marketing like 

  • Email marketing 
  • Live costumers support 
  • Costumers loyalty program
  • Customer success

Why Do You Need A Conversational Marketing Strategy?

More and more business today are using chatbots as they face of their brand. As well, conversational marketing allows you to confine information about your customers that you wouldn’t have been able to previously. 

Social Media Stories

Social media stories took the internet by storm. Story-based sharing is going better news feed sharing.

It is a social media trend that you should be paying attention too.

Snap Chat is a social media platform who launched stories for the first time. Letter on Facebook Instagram launched this feature. It increased brand awareness. 

What Do Stories Do?

Stories are a little weird compare to regular content. Stories you make do are not forever! The stories automatically delete themselves after twenty-four hours later. This appearance makes Stories unique than a regular status update.   

 5G Technology

 Digital Marketing Trends 2020

 The 5G technology is not the next version of mobile communication but it provides the new approach. 5g mobile communication provides high performance than previous versions. This update is a new era of digital technology but its impact will be felt by almost every company. 

The world is going mobile and we are consuming more data every year. 5G will support all communication needs from low power.

5G brings three new aspects to the table bigger channels, lower latency and ability to connect a lot more devices at once.

How 5G Technology impact Digital Marketing Trends 2020? 

When we make a search query more specific to digital marketing, the most common verb phrases begins to specify some of the ways of 5G,

  • Personalization will become more and more important.
  • Improved reality becomes a daily reality.
  • Analytics become real-time.

Website Security 

Proper digital marketing requires a considerable investment of your time and money. 

Website security is an action that ensures website data is not exposed by cybercriminals. Being secure in the online world becomes very important every day. 

In 2020, website security is not an option, because Google announces that HTTP is ranking signal and flag certificates. 

What about Encrypting Data?

Your costumes are the most important entity of your business. If you have no costumers than you have no business – and you gain costumers after building trust. 

One way to build trust with your customers is to make sure that their traffic is encrypted when they visit your website.

Many other ways of marketing are getting more trending in 2020 but there are also of Digital Marketing Trends 2020 is the very peak point of marketing

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