4 Top for Google My Business Optimization in 2021

Google my business is the perfect tool for the business tycoons to manage their online presence and business portfolios of certain utilities in market using search engine ranking. Seasoned SEO professionals are using Google My Business short for Google My Business Optimization to help leveraging location-based strategy.

Google My Business Optimization

In this tool, the first step is to create a GMB listing. To get success in market, GMB plays a very significant role for brand seeking business exposure. Both new and established businesses, impact of Google’s local search can not be ignored. Google knowledge graph also utilizes Google My Business Optimization.

Basics of Google My Business Optimization:

If you are new comer on this tool, there are few basics information about.

  • · First, it is free to use
  • · GMB listing not necessarily replace your website
  • · Your business gets public identity and presence on search engine. This is a complementary approach by GMBs
  • · Google search and Google Maps can actually show your information provided by GMB
  • · Google Maps API is used in third part platform so, these platforms can actually see your business information regardless of what device you use.

Google My Business Listing:

There are some crucial steps to get started with Google My Business Optimization:

1. Existence Check:

The first step is to check that if there is already any trace of your business on Google My Business Optimization. If it has already GMB listing, then you need to claim that. After it claimed successfully, now you can supervise your information and modify that.

There comes another case, when it says that your business is claimed by someone else. Then, you need to take these steps:

· Then, first open the application

· Write your business name, category, give location, address and contact number. Then, google will automatically verify it. In end, just verify that its completely live and visible.

2. Verifying GMB Listing:

It takes a period of 5 business days till you finally get a postcard through email. Google team just verifying that your claim is authentic or not. Google will not be able to show your information until it finally verifies your information completely. When you will get a postcard then your business will be live and visible to global community.

3. Publishing your GMB Listing:

Publishing your business takes a series of steps, so they are given below:

· Entering your complete data:

This is a initial step towards your success in GMB Listing. You need to add correct and complete information so your community doesn’t find any trouble to get access to your business.

· Keywording Inclusion:

Adding keyword is necessary. It helps to get a vast reach to your business. More, it helps search engine to SEO your business and to further knowing the category of your business. Like on Instagram and YouTube, we usually add hashtags and keywords to help those platforms to recognize, SEO and get targeted audience.

· Keeping operating hours accurate:

You need to add your operating hours in the data. So, audience and even google can add label of CLOSED or OPEN on its APIs. This is a vital data part which you shouldn’t skip at any cost.

· Adding Photos and portfolio:

You need to add photos and collections of Insights views of your business location, rooms and drone view. So, it should be crystal clear before your business seeking community

· Response to Customer Reviews:

Customer Reviews are necessary. It depends upon the type of business. For example, if you are doing E-commerce business and you have made an application. Then after buying goods, APIs will help you to get reviews from each unique id. Your helping community must respond to those queries asked by your customers. This factor actually boosts your business. Now-a-days, even the worst products have the best advertisements. So, the customers don’t trust on Advertisements or promo videos rather they usually see ratings or go to comments section. So, your community must respond to those queries. It actually increases credibility of your products and your brand.

· Let’s Customers Manage you:

You must be actively responding to customer calls or messages. Like through reception or main contact, there should be someone who actually listens to customer queries actively and for sure, it will add worth to your reputation.

· Using Local Posts:

You can post events, incoming offers, deals and current services through post of GMB. This factor will engage your audience and keep your business active on Google. Its like stories or WhatsApp status which keep your audience well informed about the incoming or current activities happening in your business

· Activeness in Pandemic: 

In the time of Pandemic, working policies and strategies slightly shift due to pandemic restrictions and mandates or you can say there are some safety guidelines. So, your customer community should be well aware of these and it all depends upon your strategy to keep them well informed about your policies.

· Using Special Attributes:

There are some attributes available for black-owned or women driven businesses or if your business is health related, then GMB provides you certain variants and helpful attributes which you can easily use to boost your business.

· Use the product catalog:

You can add your catalog if your business is medium sized as compared to large business who usually takes large inventory ads to showcase their products. You can also publish your complete catalog in the catalog section on Google My Business Optimization. It is very useful and productive approach for business owners to seek attention of customers and get them know your products and brands.

4. Monitoring Insights of GMB Listing:

coffee apple iphone smartphone
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The last step is to actively keep an eye on Insights of your business. It includes searches of your brand name, reviews, rating, retention rate, engagement rate and reach. These are the genuine factors which every managing team seriously care about. It is not false to say that these are building blocks are pillars of success for any business owner. More on, there are some advance steps which are a little evil to use media power to spread your business-like commercials, news of collaboration or rumors. It works!

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