Today’s topic is HOW TO INCREASE VIEWS ON INSTAGRAM STORIES. Stories are the most important factor to grow on Instagram. Because store are visible always new people.


1. Post videos in your stories:

So instead of just posting a picture with text (eg. a dish cooked by your parent), film the cooking process or a close up of the food and talk. Even just 15s will work. Or whenever you publish a post on your IG feed, record a selfie video to tell your followers why they should go check out that post. This will help you increase story views AND post engagement.

2. Use up to 10 hashtags in your stories:

On every hashtag page, you can click on their profile circle to view stories relating to the hashtag. This is why if you use hashtags on your stories, you bring more eyeballs to your stories. Just make sure they are relevant to your content. Also, avoid super-popular hashtags with million posts. Your story will be buried, minimizing exposure. Pick hashtags in the range of 10K-50K. Observe results and replace them when they aren’t working.

3. Use location sticker when possible:

The same principle as hashtags. Whenever someone searches the location on their IG, they can scroll through stories relating to that location. So by using the location sticker, you bring more eyeballs to your stories.

4. Use the engagement-driving stickers:

Like poll, emoji slider, and question sticker. When your story gets a lot of engagement, you enjoy two benefits. Benefit one: more followers will get to see your stories because IG thinks your story is good. Benefit two: the follower who to increase views on Instagram stories will see more of your future stories because IG believes your followers enjoy your content. Win-win!

5. Highlight your best stories:

Save your best stories into relevant highlight categories. These highlights can be seen visibly on your profile. So whenever a new follower stumbles upon your profile, there is a chance they may click your highlight and view your stories, therefore, establishing a ‘social relationship’ with you.

6. Actively engage with your followers’ stories:

You get what you give. If you want your followers to actively engage with your stories then you got to first do the same. Take time every day to view your followers’ stories. Engage with them. Look at their feed too. If the content resonates with you, share your story, and tag them. They will either reshare your story or engage with your story. Again, win-win!

7. Post stories often:

Because stories go away 24 hours later, your followers will pay more attention to your stories than feed. So take advantage of this FOMO (fear of missing out) syndrome. Post more stories! Having said that, make sure your stories have value. Hubspot recently did a survey to find out what type of stories get the most engagement and here are the results:

+ Short narrative stories
+Quizzes and polls
+ Demos or tutorials

And on average, followers will watch 4-6 stories before they tap out Than you increase views on Instagram stories and grow your profile of Instagram 0 to 10k.

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