How To Make Money In 2020
How To Make Money In 2020.

Are you a Blogger? And creates quality content on your blogs and already built a quality amount of readers for your blogs per day. But are not making money through blogs. How To Make Money In 2020? Well, now you don’t have to be worried about making money through Blogging. Because its 2020 and I have gathered all information for all you to earn hundreds of dollars through your blogs.

Now you will be able to make money ranges between 100$ to 1000$ per month per blog. I know what you’re thinking How can I do this? Well, it’s a good question that comes to mind. But let me clear one thing after reading this blog all of your items will be clear, and you will be ready to Boom Boom making money through your blogs and step towards your financial freedom.

So, let’s take a look at what are the ways you can use to make money In 2020

  • CPC & CPM Ads
  • Sell Private Ads
  • Sponsored Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sell Digital Products
  • Freelance Services
  • Speak Out
  • Sell Membership

Let’s deep dive into these ways:

1-CPC & CPM:

CPC and CPM are good ways to How To Make Money In 2020?.

  • CPC: Cost Per Click is also called (Pay Per Click).CPC are ads usually in Banner Formats you placed in Ad Space on your blog or In your content. Whenever a reader/visitor on your blog clicks the ad, you will pay for that.
  • CPM: CPM stands for “Cost per 1000 Impressions”.You get a fixed amount for CPM Ads based on how many visitors or readers will see the ad.


            The following are the best tools for running CPM /CPC ads to make money through Blogging.

2-Sell Private Ads:

Selling private ads is also a great source of How To Make Money In 2020?. But How? There are different ways:

  • Advertisers are always in search of Bloggers who have a quality audience on their blogs for running their ads. If you are eligible for their needs, you can quickly contact them to give them ad space on your blogs. You can make a reasonable amount of money through this using your blogs.
  • Another great way to make money through private ads is to write about underwritten series/posts, where advertisers will pay you for “Brought to you By” mentioned in your content.

3-Sponsored Advertising:

“When a company or a brand noticed a blogger with the quality audience they use ad space on their blogs to increase their brand awareness and no. of sales and pay to bloggers in return this is called Sponsored Advertising on Blogs.”                                                                     

 Sponsored ads are the third way to How to Make Money in 2020.

  • You can run Sponsored ads in videos on your blogs.
  • You can also put ads in the content of your blog’s email newsletters, which can be a great source to make money.
  • You can even run Sponsored ads in the podcasts on your blogs.it can also be proved a great source of income.

Running Sponsored Ads on your blogs using different ways is a great source of high income. So, You can even think about them. Now it’s up to you,

What do you want to do?

4-Affiliate Marketing:

“A type of digital marketing in which you promote products of Brands or Companies, in return to the commission on per sale, to your Audience.

Affiliate Marketing is an excellent source of How To Make Money In 2020. You can write Blogs on product reviews.The products you like or in your niche.All you have to follow the following steps:

  • Unique Content: Create a Unique, Engaging Content for your blogs on product reviews. Remember on Golden Rule when writing the content.

                 “Content is the King.”

So, always remember your visitor and readers in mind when writing content on product reviews.

  • Use Graphics: Create engaging graphics of Products to place on blogs that attract the attention of visitors and readers to take action. Graphics are a great way to express feelings.
  • Pros & Cons: Once one said: “Honest is the Best Policy.” Remember why people buy through your referral link because they believe you. So, don’t be afraid to talk about the pros and cons of products. Because if you don’t they will lose trust in you and your audience will decrease day by day.

So, Using affiliate marketing you can make hundreds of dollars monthly.

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5-Selling Digital Products: 

We have talked about 4 different ways how to make money in 2020?. Now we will see how you can make money selling digital products on your blogs.

What kind of digital products can you sell?

Well, they are the following:

  • E-Books: E-Books are great digital products you can sell on your blogs.All that you have to do is to find a unique topic.Create engaging content and compiled it into E-book and sell them on your blogs or on amazon.This can be a great source of making money through Blogging.
  • Online Courses: You can create online courses in your niches to educate people and help them to step towards their financial freedom. You can even Sell these online courses on your blogs and on Amazon. This can also be a great source of Passive income through Blogging.
  • Audio and Music: You can also sell audio and music on your Blogs in different Formats.
  • Audio Lectures
  • Sample Music
  • Audio Books
  • Karaokes
  • Relaxing Music
  • Reusable Sound Effects

          All these can be a great source of passive income.

  • Graphics: You can sell graphics of Different formats to make money through blogging in 2020.For Example:
  1. Logos
  2. PSD Templates
  3. Icon Packs
  4. Powerpoint Themes
  5. Sketches
  6. Card Designs
  7. Backgrounds

           You can sell these different formats of graphics on your blogs.

6-Freelance Services: 

 Selling freelance services is also a great way how to make money in 2020?. If you have hands-on various skills like:

  • Content Writing
  • Graphic designing
  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing
  • App Development
  • Programming
  • Photography

You can sell all these skills by telling your Readers or visitors about your expertise.You can easily make 6-figures income by providing these services on your blogs and it can be a win-win for you.

7-Speak Out:

Once you get a certain amount of audience on your blogs. And you can be easily recognized by brands and companies, they will invite you to speak about their products and services.And you can minimum charge 5000 Dollars per speech. And It’s amazingly profitable for you to make 6 figure income.Hence, Speaking out about brands is a great way to make money in 2020.

8-Sell Memberships:

 Selling Memberships in the corner of your Blog sites is another amazing source of making money in 2020.

You can add membership funnels on your blogs In which you can lead people about different strategies to grow their business online and increase their sales. And You can make a Handsome Income using this technique on your blogs.

Conclusion: There are Lots of various ways we discussed making money through Blogging in 2020.

  1. CPC & CPM Ads
  2. Sell Private Ads
  3. Sponsored Ads
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Sell Digital Products
  6. Freelance Services
  7. Speak Out
  8. Sell Membership

You can even combine them on your blogs to increase your income in Millions per year.Now The last Question:

What will you do after collecting this information?

That is all the topic most important for making money online at home. we can apply just one laptop and internet. we need just understand how it works? and how can apply? if you find the answer to these question then you can best in our lives and fulfill life goals.

How To Make Money In 2020? that is my question and I finished my question with all explain.

Thanks for ready my article. please give me reviews about my article.

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