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What does it mean to PODCAST?

Google force at voice search so now PODCAST TRENDS IN 2020. podcasting is most famous today becuase it is so easy-to-consume for personal and business

“The series of episodes in Digital Audio Format, a User or a Subscriber, a download to listen is called Podcasts.”

Podcasts have been becoming trends from the past few years. According to a study, In 2006, only 22% of Americans Knew about what are podcasts, but in the present era, 70% of Americans are familiar with podcasting. Podcasts are an accessible format to consume for everybody. What is the future of podcasting? Entrepreneurs, Businessmen & Skilled People loved to listen to Podcasts to learn new trends of businesses and to improve their skills like Marketing, Sales, Management, etc. People loved to listen to their favorite author’s podcasts, like how to meditate, how to do personality development, how to learn new skills, etc.

It is predicted that the podcast industry will grow and rise faster in PODCAST TRENDS IN 2020. with advertising activities, which is good news for content creators and digital marketers.

Let’s deep dive into the Podcast Trends:

As we all know, 2019 was the breakout year in the history of the Podcast Industry. There are over 700,000 podcasts recorded in 2019 in iTunes Catalog. 

Now it has been clear that we are in the new Era of Podcasting Industry, as it predicted in the earlies of this year. So, without wasting time let’s dive deeper in 8 PODCAST TRENDS IN 2020; 

1-Podcast Platform’s Competition:

As we know for many years, Apple and Spotify are in constant competition with each other in the podcast industry. The latest analytics from the podcast show indicate that over 46 % of 12 years to 34 years old listen to podcasts each month on Spotify. Whereas for Apple, only 20% of the same demographics listen to podcasts becuase PODCAST TRENDS IN 2020.

In 2020, of course, Spotify will win the hearts of millennials and Gen Z, While the rival platforms of Spotify are creating more engaging and unique audio content to attract a more significant amount of audience. What types of podcasts are the most popular?

Either you are a listener, or you are a host, here we have 13 best top Platforms for Podcasting:

Spotify has been trying to maintain its throne within In-House Productions, Like Netflix. In, 2019 Google & BBC have released their podcast services and PODCAST TRENDS IN 2020.

When it comes to Google, Companies with large communities and Strong Advertisement Platforms, like  Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Instagram – Begin seriously and consistently entering in the Audio Space World.


 What you think will Podcast Platform’s Competition Raises in 2020?

2-Data-Driven (User Experience):

Marketers get the Midas Touch due to data-driven. Data-Driven Marketing is a bold way to the gold audio content in the Podcast Industry, And those content creators who want to podcast their content can easily take data insights to dive deeper to understand the behavior and response of their target listener audience.

According to indicators: An entire Podcast episode will be listened by 80% of people, and it is also indicating that Podcats Listeners are engaging with podcast content.

Now the question is:

How can you give a better experience to Podcast Listeners?

Well, here I’ll give you some tips, you can follow to give listeners a better experience.

  • Create unique, engaging, inspiring, entertaining content, which means you need lots of opening chit chats & off-topic tangents.
  • Use one topic per episode So, your audience or listeners will not overwhelm or confuse.
  • As we all know, to rewind a podcast episode is not a child play, So please sum up critical points at the end of the podcasts.
  • Don’t put resistances in front of your listeners; it means don’t force them to download or sign up to listen because it will decrease your audience.

Ultimately, Using data-driven marketing to understand the listener’s persona, will give your audience better experience and helps the host to engage with more listeners.

3-Podcast Events & Live Streams:

In 2019, The Podcast events and Streamings went to a ranking of over 55$ million. Live podcast shows connect the audience, marketers, and the hosts. And helps the podcasters strengthen their relationships and connections in their society as the podcast industry enjoys the diamond era of consistent growth.

Such events are organized by a company, Podcast Movement, consist of a community of podcasters that gives news, events, and resources in the podcasting.

These events always come with opportunities for content creators to meet and build life long relationships with brands in their niches, Influential speakers, and fellow podcasters.

Neil Patel predicts that: Podcast live stream is going to 70$ Billion industry at the end of 2021. From the past few years, Live Videos are becoming highly engaging among the audience. So, for podcasters, it’s excellent news. Doing live video podcasters can maximize the engagement of viewers on their content.

Due to advanced technologies and tactics, live podcasting will allow the hosts and audiences to connect far better. Whether it’s through Q&Nas, Debates, Or Special Contests, Live Podcasting will be PODCAST TRENDS IN 2020.

4-High-Quality Podcast Content:

“Content Is King.”

In the past few years, The Content Marketing found luxurious paths towards quality content; Many brands and businesses tried out Low-Quality content to get noticed quickly.

In the new era, Podcast Industry has to buck those trends because now High-Quality content is in demand. It generally attracts a different kind of audience: Because most of the listeners are Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and College Graduates.

It means the quality of content in podcasts must have to quite smarter to get the attention of target audiences. Global Figures  suggest that we have:

  • 500 Million Blogs
  • Youtube Channels:31 million
  • 8oo,000 Podcasts on Platforms

Because of 800,000 podcasts amount, the podcast industry still saves from Low-Quality content by Poor Competitors.

Now let’s take a look at critical factors. How can you enhance the Better Engagements on podcasts?

  1. Quality Content
  2. Audio Quality
  3. Short-Form Podcasts
  • Quality Content: As we know in the new era of the podcast industry, the demand for high-quality content has been raised. So, all the podcasters must have all the tools for content creation, Social media marketing, and audience research to provide high-quality content.
  • Audio Quality: Whether podcast listeners are in transports or on a lunch break, they always want the best quality audio experience. So, focus on sound quality must be the 2nd most crucial thing.
  • Short-Form Podcasts: Finally and the most important thing is a short-form podcast ( micro-podcasts ), usually about 5-10 minutes podcasts, as like Neil Patel & Eric Siu Marketing School.

5-Podcasts will optimize for voice search:

In the present era, Brands and businesses can’t rely on 1 or 2 Marketing channels. They must have needed multiple channels to deliver a cohesive brand message, Like Offline promotions, Padi advertisements, Social Media Platforms, Video content, and Email Marketing. 

Due to the high demand for voice search, 50% for searches will be done 

through voice in 2020.

VSEO (Voice Search Engine Optimizationis an exciting and upcoming sensation that marketers must have to consider. Because Voice-Enabled speakers and IoT devices are consistently becoming popular among youngsters, affluent, tech-savvy demographics are always ready to make changes about how they search.

Earlier this year, Google Announced: “They are going to include podcasts in google search. So, you can directly listen to your favorite podcasts and even can save them for later.

Additionally, Searching episodes and podcasts will be more comfortable just via keywords. So, Podcast motor suggests some tips that will help you to rank your podcasts in google search(SERP). All that you have to do is:

  • Choose a specific keyword for every episode in podcasts.
  • Create a specific page for every podcast episode.
  • Create a podcast of unique content consists of 300 words for each podcast episode.

So, it’s clear that podcasters must have to focus on Podcast SEO tactics in 2020, to rank their podcasts in search result pages. Because people are al set to interact with voice search devices, So, podcasters can quickly increase their brand awareness with 2020 SEO Tactics.

6. Listeners will accept 6-Advertisements:

In the last few years, Advertisement Blocking Software’s usage has increased by 41%.

According to research, people less tolerant about interrupting their content with advertisements, While the podcast listeners are more liberal with ads.

Further studies indicate that podcasts listeners are more receptive to advertisements while listening to their favorite podcasts.

Audiences are more likely to trust podcast hosts, specifically in their niches areas, due to a secure connection between hosts and small but loyal audiences.

Typically, Podcasts have three types of advertisements:

  • Pre-Roll Advertisement
  • Mid-Roll Advertisement
  • Post-Roll Advertisement

Audiences take podcast hosts as an authentic adviser; that’s why partnerships and promotions took very seriously. Unlike ads on websites or blogs that just appeared randomly in front of you, the podcast listener’s thought that the host very carefully chooses helpful ads for them.

So, the Growth of Advertisements is one of the biggest trends in  PODCAST TRENDS IN 2020.

7-High Marketing Budgets for Podcast Content:

In 2020, Brands and companies can easily see the bright future of the Podcast Industry. So, companies and brands can’t deny the potential of the podcast industry.

From lots of years, Brands and companies are standing on the sidelines with trusted channels like social media platforms, blogs, websites.

In 2020, brands will lose their patience for Podcast Industry. And we can see that lots of new players will enter in podcast industry in their niches, and these brands will invest in podcasts for the first time.

The reason for this, according to evidence, suggests is that podcast listeners are more likely to have an income of 250,000$.

No matter how many brands and companies out there, they can easily see the bright future of the podcast industry and will invest in it. Hence, 2020 is the win-win year for the podcast industry.

8-New Niches will Appear:

In the past few years, we have seen lots of niches like planting, home diets, interviews, environmental changes, comedy, kid lectures, entertainment, slots will get more intense in 2020.

But there are good news new niches will not stick around these areas. Remember, there are only 800,000 podcasts in the industry, and there are lots of undiscovered slots – like Biopods or History pods – and this is good news for marketers and content creators.

Top Podcast Formats:

There are no barriers for entring in the podcasting industry; anyone with a microphone can spread their voice out there. In the century of Online Advertising and Influencer Marketing, there are millions of opportunities for micro-influencers.

As time changes, life changes, technology changes, and far more, we will hear lots of new niches PODCAST TRENDS IN 2020.


As we saw the take-off of the Podcasting Industry in 2019 and seen lots of indications about the raise of the podcast industry in 2020 and the arrival of new niches. And as Neil Patel indicates that with the end 0f 2021, the podcast industry will reach 70$ Billion.

And we take a look at different PODCAST TRENDS IN 2020. It’s undoubtedly been good news for marketers, content creators, brands, and companies to enter the Podcast industry. Because 2020 will be the Win-Win for Podcasting 

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