10 Tips For an Awesome & SEO-Friendly Blog Post

First of all, you determine the purpose of writing a website blog post or SEO-friendly blog post, which type of blog you need to search a niche, and determine the purpose of your blog. you decide on a niche, easy to understand the logic of the blog. Understand the reason for writing a blog. And then write an article for improvement of google ranking. How to write blogs for SEO-friendly blog posts?.

SEO Friendly Blog Post
SEO Friendly Blog Post

Tips for SEO-friendly blog post

Humans will love the content and love to read the content when they place the first page of google. The content is unique and easy to understand and related to your blog niche for example you have a tech blog. your blog is only for tech news or tech information you just need a demonstration of your blog. all articles are tech-related or tech news is related to technology. this thing is very helpful to write a unique blog and content of your blog. so I can determine at some point which can help me write SEO-friendly blog posts?.

1.First Determine a Purpose to Write any Blog

First of all, you determine the purpose of a unique purpose write blog .we have written an SEO(search engine optimization) blog keep in mind to create relevant content for your keyword or your blog. you have to write a blog just for a gadget or gadget news or something else. just know about your blog is related to your niche. I will discuss in the upper paragraph you have a unique idea unique niche to SEO-friendly blog post. keep in mind before you write a blog you just write relevant material nothing else.

2.you have an idea to write an SEO(search engine optimization) blog.

Seo blog writing is a skill that helps you to rank your content higher on google search engine results. And you know about SEO (search engine optimization) blog. your keyword is used in your blog for better results and write relevant material for better SEO with SEO-friendly blog posts.

3.we have to keep in mind the ultimate goal to create relevant content

Keep in mind the content is king. So first you make sure your content is real and helpful for your consumer or user for better ranking and SEO(search engine optimization)  score. content is good or relevant to your niche the user can longer on your website or blog and read all your content for a better experience. On the other hand, content is not good, users are not satisfied with your content and users leave your website. The bounce rate increases are the purpose of decreasing your website ranking. so make sure your content is real and relevant to your blog or niche.

4.perform keyword research

Keyword research is only the first step in all SEO-friendly blog posts. each article as you write must add one main keyword and add five to ten additional sub-keywords for better keyword research. This is a good thing for writing a blog article. and make sure your keyword is relevant to your blog and keyword in your right places.

5.Target the main keyword:

your content targeted the main keyword of your blog this tip is helpful for SEO(search engine optimization)blog writing tips in 2020. Here the content is directly targeted to your main keyword. It is helpful to write a good blog. on the other hand, your keyword is irrelevant to your blog. The visitor not staying on your website is the cause of the decrease ranking of your website with the help of SEO-friendly blog post.

so let’s discuss the length of your blog and article. your blog length is a minimum of 400 words and to the point content. the tip is to attract the user to read all of your content and make a good impression on the consumers. if your article is too long they make a bad impression on consumers. this is not a good thing and not attract users.it can decrease your rating or traffic. so the blog is to the point and not very long and not very short.

6.second define a targeted audience :

Define your targeted audience .the audience is in your country, child or women or man’s targeted audience is direct impacted on writing the better blog. the blog is for tech .so this blog is not for small children .this is helpful for 15 to 50 age of peoples. so keep in mind the audience you want and the audience you get.

7.chose the right blog post title:

Choose the right title for your blog. check the right title to write a more efficient or more valuable blog for a higher rating. choose the right title to attach the consumers to the title that is not too long just 2 to 3 words title attracts more the long tale title of your blog. these are some little tips to attract consumers and increase your sales and grow your website for a better ranking.

8:Be sure your content is optimized and well written:

For sure your content is more optimized and more well written. Everybody saw well-written and optimized content. Easy content is easy to understand and more valuable for your website rating. so a high rating means sales are increasing. One small thing is the direct impact of writing a valuable blog for Seo. Good verbal English use and not a single grammar mistake on your blog.

9.use targeted keywords throughout your content:

Use the right keyword-targeted keywords means your keyword for selling books.  Use relevant keywords for books, bags, pens, etc, for increasing the traffic or sales on your website. your keyword is not irrelevant. irrelevant keyword decreases your sales make sure you use the right keyword in your blog.

10.structure your content

Structured your content SEO-friendly blog post.  make adding chose valuable keywords .make points or handings. and make paragraph heading. highlight the main keywords or main points for structure the content. structured content is easy to understand and easy to readable for consumers .for write a blog your content is easy to read and easy to understand for visitors for a better experience for your blog visitors. I have discus many many times structure your content, optimized content, make good keyword research, or targeted the main keywords.

11.add external and internal links

Add external and internal links through your website or blog. A blogger when firstly thinking about SEO(search engine optimization) automatically focuses on backlinks and link building. links in your content are helpful for consumers to search relevant material the consumer want and visit your blog make related links external, internal links to open direct or relevant material.

12.optimize the meta title & description

Optimize the meta tags and descriptions relevant to your blog. optimize meta titles and tags and make sure a good description directly increases your traffic and sales. meta tags and description is well structured and optimized. the consumer visits your site. first, see the meta tags and description of your blog or website. this is a bad thing to do not optimize meta tags and description of your blog or website.

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