Google Web Stories are coming to Google Discover in 2021

Google has announced that like YouTube, Instagram, and many other stores, Google has also revealed that it is introducing Google Web Stories are coming to Google Discover . So you can find WAP stories in Google search and some other support platforms. Now all these are also visible in Google Discover, Google iOS, and End Rand.

Google is now exploring visual and in-depth web stories that are part of Google’s app on Android and iOS. It is used by over 800 million people every month.

Google Web Stories



Web Stories are coming to Google Discover has announced that it is now bringing visual and in-depth web stories. Which will be in the Google app on Android and iOS. Stories are available in the United States, India, and Brazil. Google plans to expand it worldwide over time.

How it works

Google said that when tapping on the story. So you can browse Google’s web stores like YouTube. An up-and-coming experience full screen. Let’s enter You see them on the next page and the next story on the next page. Or swipe at a very different story on the carousel.


How do we create web stories?

Google has documents on the AMP site. How to create web stories. With the help of Google Docs documentation, there are also plugins and tools in WordPress for them. To make it easier to create these web stories

Why do we care?

Google Wab Stories and Google Discover can be a great source of traffic for some publishers. How can they create and track their content creation workflows with the help of the best traffic they can get? How well your analytics and conversation tracking tools can perform. Google Stores will be effective for any business.

Web stories will be seen at the Carousel Disco which showcases the best visual content. Browsing stories are easy. When you tap a story on the shelf that gives you a great experience. Which makes the whole screen even more glamorous. The next page has the next story and it works like a carousel. In addition to discovering, we keep bringing WAB stories to the forefront of mobile with global Google search results.

Web stories in Search results

Made for the Web

Web Stories are coming to Google Discover can be completely tailored to your needs. Just like any other content on the website you can add story authors, monetize, host, share, and link to their stories. Which will be completely under your control. Also, be the best of web creators. You already see very strong results. As the stories show in Google Showcase. And since web stories are an extension of a website, you can show off your website’s homepage, social media channels, news leads, and more through web stories.

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